Abhi Hebbar

Hello World! Things are new here.

10th October 2015

I decided to do little more blogging (and lot more self promotion). So, updating my personal site.

Welcome, to the rebuilt site! I’m excited to put a brand new look, and lots of new content.

I have used a new set of tools, template and hosting for this site, thanks to Open source. They together provide me a more clean way to host, maintain and update. Here is a list of everything I have used to get this site up.


A fast, simple & powerful blog framework

I choose hexo because

  • Does everything I want.
  • Themeing is very easy (EJS).
  • Posts and pages as a markdown files - love it.
  • Can be deployed as static site (No slow loading).
  • Can deploy to github pages.
  • It’s in node JS, a very familiar platform.


I downloaded this theme from HTML-UP.


Source code repository. As posts and pages are saved as file in hexo, having a git repo for the sources is a must. Github serves that purpose and also solves my hosting problem with github pages.

The entire source code for this site is also available here at github.