Abhi Hebbar

Faker JS

11th October 2015

Data makes a big impact on how a software is percieved. A great software without enough data can look un-professional and ugly. The same peice of software can look much better if it has realistic data.

I have learnt over the years, that making a software look more complete and realistic early can buy us the time to build it right. It is important that we build quality software, but building user/customer confidence early is also equally important.

One of the common early stage problem is data. We know what needs to be built, and we build it with some random data. But for most of the software to look realistic, we need lots of data. And its not easy to manually generate that data. Luckly we are not alone with the problem and the developer community have found a lot of generic solutions. This is one of them.

Faker JS

Ii simple yet very useful library for node. Faker JS generates context specific fake data. The programmer can specify the type of the fake data needed like first name, address, city etc. The data generated looks very realisitic, and believable.

This library can also be used from browser, which means I can also use in UI prototypes. Together with some simple scripting, I can use this for seeding the DB for initial demos.

There is also a library for generating fake data from JSON schema. This library also uses faker js to generate data.

I will be using this for

  • Creating testing support for our development frameworks.
  • Prototyping - Faking a few data.
  • Creating initial test dataset for applications.