Abhi Hebbar

Developer tools

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

I believe in minimum code. For a given requirement, any thing that can be done to reduce the amount of code should be done. Minimum code minizes the cost of ownership and also improves quality.

I belive in abstraction. Any common thing that can avoid repetation, should be used; always. Be the repetation is in a single project or across projects.

I believe in consistent structure, that is always evolving.

I believe in flexible software. The one that is easy to tweak, or to do a major change.

I belive in developer freedom where there is minimum rules.

And I build tools, to make theese happen.

I build tools and libraries to make the development process easy, fast, and to end up with code that is easy to read and understand, and with software that is robust, reliable and maintanable.

  • Simplify a generic problem.
    • Smoothly - Library for service layer, that consumes data from different sources and exposes an structured API.
    • Markeng - A tool for structured front-end development.
    • dgit - A tool to manage database in git. Push/pull from different environments and have version control.
    • Concrete 5 library to create forms, dashboard pages, and CRUD database operations.
    • Abstrct php framework - built for rapid prototyping in php.
  • Simplify process that are known to produce great software.
    • simock - Simple mock for TDD in node js.
    • RAML Doc Generator - Generate auto documentation for API’s in RAML format. Built along with Raghu
  • Generate bootstrap code.
    • Block Generator - Generates bootstrap code for concrete5 blocks.
    • ExtendEasy - Configurable bootstrap code generator for Concrete5
    • Plug - Block diagram based configurable coding platform. (Built just a proof of concept.)
    • ClkStrt - A generic platform for generating bootstrap code. (Under development)